meet  Danny Mantyla  who...


...can code like a wizard
+ ...can design like a magician
= ...can make really awesome websites


Another grateful client that I'm happy to say is now my friend. The Kansas Rural Center's website was in dire need of some maintenance–you know, the kind of maitenance that no one wants to touch because the previous developer left a big mess and zero clues for how to put it back together. Thankfully their website is now not only much easier on the eyes but also much more secure when placing a donation.


Graced with my jQuery plugin–jQuery.popBox.js– is a dazzling display home-brewed HTML5 3D effects, beautiful graphics, and a dark virtualized presense of it's inspiration: Nine Inch Nails. I'll be featured in the third episode of the podcast, so stay tuned!

Web app: KPR Live Stream Player

With a healthy mixture of JQuery, custom PHP and CSS3, the new KPR Live Stream Player now looks as fantastic as it sounds. The JPlayer plugin–with a customized skin–was installed to handle the playback, PHP is used to query the database for the current program on the air, and CSS3 transistions is used for the super smooth rotating album. Lastly, responsive design was implemented to fit and look good on all screens. Rejoice!


Self-employed percussionist Dylan Bassett chose Danny to build his website because he knew Danny could create an excellent product with numerous revisions while also making it exceptionally easy for him to add and modify content.

Digital Design: Business Cards

Contact Danny today for your personallized, high-resolution, business card designs.

Web Application:

As a labor of love, Danny developed for many reasons: to provide a simple way to mix and match colors and patterns when designing a suit, to learn html5 canvases and the javascript Dojo framework, and to challenge his ability to rapidly develope web apps with limited free time!

Website: SUNU

SUNU needed a media-rich website that's also completely configurable from the UI. From the font to the mp3 player widgets, every inch of the website is a complete one-off, unique, and taylored to them.

Website: Atipa Technologies

Forged in the furnace through the looking glass of the prism in the crucible on the chopping block of the fire between the merciless world of corporate competition and bleeding-edge computer technology, Atipa's website (everything but the logo) was built, designed and managed by Danny and his work is still in use today. Danny honed his web design and programming skills at Atipa, where the relentless demand of perfection not only forced him to evolve his abilities but also forced him to evolve his career path.


Why Choose Danny?


Danny Mantyla is a freelance web developer and the webmaster for Kansas Public Radio. As a utility infielder of all things software development and with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Kansas, Dan has done everything from contributing to open-source web frameworks to designing advanced HPC cluster management architectures in Python. He's a writer for Packt_Publishing and lives in beautiful Lawrence, KS, home of Linux New Media and birthplace of Python Django.


So why should you hire Danny to make your website? Here are a few reasons why:


The whole package

Creating a complete website start to finish requires several talents and skills: coding ability, database know-how, creativity, optimization, and technical knowledge of management systems, delivery networks, development environments, programming languages, markup languages, linux and so much more.

Not too many web designers can meld together modern, stylish design with the ability to actually put it together like Danny.

Creative, detail oriented

The difference between a great website and one that is just OK is all in the details. With an intimate knowledge of CSS3, the newest technology for styling website elements, and many years of training with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator—combined with the ability to see every little detail—Danny's creativity, fine tuned for web design, will amaze you. And it doesn't stop there: web-fonts and HTML special characters and embedded media and favicons and widget skins and jquery plugins and...

Reliable, friendly & fast

Have an idea for an amazing web app but don't know where to start? Need it done by next week? Need help with hosting too? No problem!

Ability to reliably and quickly provide excellent service for clients is just as important as ability to create great websites. This is why you should choose Danny, because his #1 priority is the willingness and desire to make excellent websites and make their owners very happy.










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